Drudge Live

The #1 Drudge Report app... Free!

Drudge Live provides live updates to the best curated news links and images available on the Internet, in a modern Windows app layout that works seamlessly across all your devices.

As a Windows Univeral Platform (UWP) app, Drudge Live makes the Drudge Report available on all devices, including desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, Xbox, and HoloLens.

Drudge Live is a universal Windows app that works across all your devices.

The app automatically keeps track of the links you have clicked, so any new links will pop right off the page. You can even play a custom sound effect, notifying you of when the links or images have been changed... live as it happens.

Drudge Live highlights news stories you haven't read yet.

Stay right in the app as you visit the news links, or launch any news link into an external web browser if you wish.

There is even a button to create a reading view of a news story, stripping out everything except the text and images.

Leave the app open, either full-screen or as a sidebar, and it will continually keep up-to-date with LIVE updates. Perfect for news junkies who want to stay on top of today's events as they happen!

See the last time the Drudge Report was updated.

Because this is a Windows universal app, your settings and clicked links are synced between your Windows Phone and desktop, creating the perfect seamless experience for you.

Drudge Live syncs your settings and clicked links across all your devices.

Best of all the app is completely FREE!

Give Drudge Live a try today!

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